Lactation Consultations

Though body feeding is a natural way to feed an infant, it doesn't always come naturally.

I believe human milk is GOLD STAR nutrition for human babies and I also believe that creating sustainable feeding plans is of paramount importance in preserving a parent's mental and emotional health. 

a new parent . 

I've supported 1000+
families with their feeding & sleep journeys  & I've been                         

As a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), I work with you to address the challenges that may come with early feeding and support you in achieving YOUR feeding goals. 

This may come through exclusive body-feeding, body/bottle combo feeding or exclusive bottle feeding. 

-Ton & Anmao

Having seen 5 lactation consultants, I can really say that Jen is hands down the best of the best. 

Talking to Jen has always been like a breath of fresh air ~ she is ever so open minded & completely free of judgment.
During early post-partum days, both me and my husband felt like she had the most therapeutic presence out of everyone we came across."

how YOu Can use Your visits...

Feeding Education

Learn about  what to expect and how to navigate feeding before your baby arrives. Create a feeding plan for the first 72 hours post delivery and get feeding off on the right foot. 

feeding Challenges 

Address challenges such as position & latch discomfort, a sleepy/fussy baby, large/low milk supply, breast/chest augmentation/reduction, anatomical complications, pre-term delivery, previous medical history, formula or donor milk supplementation, bottle refusal, clogs, mastitis or thrush. 

feeding Transitions 

Plan for first pump, introduction of bottles, sleeping longer stretches, being away from your baby, returning to work, introduction of solid foods or weaning. 

Most families need
3-6 lactation visits within the first 6-months of their baby's life.

Because of this, I strongly recommend booking the 3-visit package for a $225 savings which includes unlimited messaging support between our scheduled visits. This ensures the most comprehensive support with the best outcomes. 

let's get you booked!


Find the support option that works best for your family. I recommend the 3-visit package for a $225 savings.


Find a date that works for our meeting. If your baby hasn't yet arrived, use your due date, and then we'll reschedule as needed. 


Book & pay for your appointment! Once your appointment is booked, you will receive a confirmation email and a client intake form. 


Got Insurance? You may qualify for 6 visits covered at 100%!

I partner with The Lactation Network in order to offer FREE lactation visits to eligible families. If you qualify, you receive 6 lactation visits covered at 100% with no out of pocket costs.

For families that don't qualify with TLN, you are still eligible for reimbursement from your insurance company. I require payment upfront & will provide an insurance superbill after our appointments. 

see if you Qualify for FREE visits!

She always laid out different options and explanations and completely empowered our family to decide what was best for our daughter. She will support you, encourage you and nurture you.

"What I particularly appreciated about Jen was how she was filled with knowledge and guidance but never pressured us into decisions. 

David & Charlene


This is not some thing she does just because she loves babies. She’s well-trained, well-read, and well-practiced in caring for both newborns and nervous new parents.

The main thing you need to know about Jen is that she has total professional commitment. 

Steve & Val

She sets everyone at ease with her warmth, confidence, and reassurance. We also admired the way she was able to come up with flexible strategies that were specific to our baby and family dynamic, rather than advocating a single, fixed philosophy of care, which is what the baby books do.

What really sets Jen apart is that she has exceptional expertise both with babies AND in communication in general.

Pierre & SUSAN

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