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I'm an IBCLC, Pediatric Sleep Coach & Postpartum Doula helping families navigate the wild ride of the early parenting years.

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If you’ve been keeping up with my musings, you know that I am always working on finding comfort with the Middle Road. I say working because it IS hard work. 

One moment things are feeling great-we’ve unlocked the secret code to how it all works! Our child has matured, the things we have been struggling with integrate, we find the capacity to sit with things in a new way and then, without warning, the pendulum shifts again. A new set of challenges arise, new buttons are pushed and we’re back at feeling like we don’t know which way is up. I don’t say this to discourage you but to normalize this very human cycle. 

The Wonder Weeks book/app (which I’m sure many of you are familiar with) tracks specific neurological developments that happen throughout the first 18-months of a child’s life-but I don’t think these ever go away. 

We all experience phases of ups and downs in life. There are times when I feel more inspired, more fulfilled, more connected to my partner, child, friends and community than other times. A dear friend of mine and I were chatting one day and joked that our partners were both in a Wonder Week. It so fully encompassed what was going on, needed no other explanation and brought deep belly laughter in that moment. Since that day, we use this term liberally to let each other know the state of something/someone we may be struggling with. It always brings a chuckle and immediately lightens whatever it is that feels challenging. 

If you or anyone else in your family is currently in a “Wonder Week,” know that this can be a normal stage of growth and development. It too shall pass and there will most likely be learning from the discomfort-just like your child is/was through the first 18-months of their life.

Aaannd, if you need support figuring out what this means for YOU, I’m here. You can book a lactation or sleep consult, join my membership group or sign up for Middle Road Musings to get a monthly note delivered to your inbox ❤️.

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I'm an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, Pediatric Sleep Coach & Postpartum Doula helping families navigate early parenting through exploring the
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