Overwhelmed by all of the conflicting feeding & sleep advice out there? 


(Me too!) 

San Francisco Lactation & Sleep Consultant 

let's figure this out!

My SUPERPOWER is helping families find their way. 

IBCLC, Doula, Sleep Maven & Creator of the Middle road hub®.

Hi, I'm Jen.
Evidence-Based Practitioner & Heart Centered Human.

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I'm an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, Pediatric Sleep Coach & Postpartum Doula helping families navigate early parenting through exploring the MIDDLE ROAD-that place that lies somewhere between LOSING YOUR MIND and the greatest experience of your life!


These              pillars are the basis of my work with families and each one greatly affects the other.

These differences are part of what makes each family makeup & experience so unique


what i do...





Supporting families with feeding from first latch through weaning. 

(.) (.) 

Suporting families with sleep from newborn through age 5. 



This is the group I WISHED for throughout my first 3 years of parenting. Yep, 3 YEARS...the growth, development & changes just keep on coming. 


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Kind Words

- Thaii & Mike

Jen is a Gem. From the moment I met Jen, I felt immediately eased & soothed by her calm presence. She has the qualities of an old friend.

She is incredibly kind, supportive, knowledgable & non-intrusive during a time when your whole household may be in an upheaval.

She comes in with the pure agenda of helping your family as it needs to be helped-she knows every family is different & she tailors her care through quiet observation and intuitiveness."


Overwhelmed by all of the conflicting advice out there? 

Struggling with self-care while taking care of your kiddo?

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Whether your baby is brand new or 3 years old, it can be difficult to fit in self-care. My #1 self-care tip works when both time and bandwidth are limited.

Thoughts from a San Francisco Lactation & Sleep Consultant.