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What is the Middle Road to Parenting?

Person walking across a tightrope over a rocky canyon representing the Middle Road to Parenting.
I'm Jen

I'm an IBCLC, Pediatric Sleep Coach & Postpartum Doula helping families navigate the wild ride of the early parenting years.

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I love babies and I am skilled at helping them feed, sleep and thrive but what really drives me is getting to chat, love and connect with new parents. The road of early parenting is FULL ON and riding shotgun with people as they navigate this new terrain of life is my absolute honor. 

I am a deep diver and a holder of space for ALL the things. I can sit with the smooth and the choppy and garner the lessons found in each. I refer to my work as the middle road to parenting-that place between overjoyed and freeeeaking out where growth can happen if you sit it. Body-feeding vs. bottle-feeding, independent sleep vs. co-sleeping, authoritative parenting vs. permissive parenting. There are so many divisions and yet each thing offers areas that can be useful and areas that can be overdone if practiced at all costs. 

I am on a mission to help families find what matters to them and throw out the rest. Information overload is drowning us and we need to get back to our own gut instincts as we raise little humans. This is your baby and your life. YOU get to choose how to do it. The root of this work is ultimately steeped in tolerance and self-acceptance. Tolerance for how others choose to navigate their path, knowing that it’s best for them. And self-acceptance, in knowing that the choices that make up your life are best for you. But how do you do that, Jen?!… It starts with quieting the voice inside of you that thinks there is a way to do it “right.” There is no right. There is only right for you

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Hi, I'm Jen.
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I'm an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, Pediatric Sleep Coach & Postpartum Doula helping families navigate early parenting through exploring the MIDDLE ROAD-that place that lies somewhere between LOSING YOUR MIND and the greatest experience of your life!