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A parent standing at the foot of a mountain with their child. Personal growth through parenting.
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I'm an IBCLC, Pediatric Sleep Coach & Postpartum Doula helping families navigate the wild ride of the early parenting years.

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The heart of parenting is about connection and personal growth. It doesn’t matter what parenting methods you choose-co-sleeping, sleep training, body feeding, formula feeding, attachment parenting, routine oriented parenting-as ANY of these can be implemented with connection at the center. BUT what happens when you lose the capacity for connection because of unexpected circumstances? You may need to shift how you ever thought you would do things. These are the real-life choices that make a difference in your well-being, not the idea of how you thought you would parent. 

The Conflict:

A family that plans to sleep-train but has a baby that doesn’t take to it is going to consider other options. Sometimes the fix for that families is learning to embrace bed-sharing which they neeeeeeever wanted to do. A family that plans to follow the principals of attachment parenting but has a baby that doesn’t take to it is going to consider other options. Sometimes the fix for that family is to consider working with independent sleep strategies which they neeeeeeeeever wanted to do.

This is the most important moment. The moment where you do something you never thought you’d do because you have a new understanding of where that decision comes from. PERSONAL GROWTH THROUGH PARENTING!! Toward yourself, toward someone else, toward knowing your child a little bit more.

The Understanding:

I have to walk my talk ALOT in my family and I’m often uncomfortable. The good news is the more I sit with these ideas, the more true they are and the more I am able to support others in getting comfortable with with what actually IS. Personal growth through parenting is learning to get rid of the assumption that there is a right and wrong way to do things. Learning to sink into what it is that you and your family need because of who you and your family are. 

The Reminder:

A reminder that anywhere that you happen to be right now can be a moment to be grateful for, a moment to learn about, or a moment to pivot away from. Very rarely are we completely stuck (though sometimes it can feel that way). 

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